$250,000 G's – Weedcraft Inc – Part 14 – Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough


Weedcraft Inc explores the business of producing, breeding and selling the giggle smoke in America. Manage all aspects of the business, legal or otherwise, …


  1. Godfather9814 says

    Wait till the mission you need to make 150k in 3 months 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Cothfotmeoo says

    You're really buckling down for the hard run here and starting to get super organized and focused. The game is really getting intense but so are you, keep it up! Well played!

  3. Trifler500 says

    I'm pretty sure the friend status affects the chances of them saying yes to a favor, not an absolute "are you above this line or not".

  4. Claire Vogel says

    You should probably get another person on sales in Boulder. The only guy you have selling isn't trained in sales much (he's mostly got interpersonal skills) and it doesn't seem like he's able to keep up.

  5. big big boi says

    31:10 yeeessss!

  6. burjalmadre says

    Someone PLEASE tell me who produced soundtrack? Or mixes/artist/genre to search for for such a sexy silky jazz?

  7. ZeroG Xo says

    Upgrade your grow rooms for the love of God.

  8. Maikkeru Mitsuru says

    Upgrade your shit man!!

  9. Rick Todman says

    the pay is acceptable at the halfway mark of the slider. don't upgrade unless you want to pay them more.

  10. RicoSan13 says

    Mss had pink flower trait

  11. A V says

    Hey ODD, I know you record in advance but your MSS has the floral feature you are looking for.

  12. Stijn Morren says

    You DO have a pink flower strain..

  13. Ian Irizarry says

    just finished last ep now. and this next ones up good job keep em growing.

  14. The Cyberbard says

    Jazz Cabbage, all day, every day. Good series so far, Chris!

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