Former NMSP officer asks judge to dismiss DWI case


Weeks away from trial, a former New Mexico State Police officer accused in a high-profile DWI investigation is now asking for a judge to dismiss the case. Story on


  1. dukecityghost says

    See that's the blue line for you.

  2. sleeping in truck = no crime, & the car was parked, so, If the key don't fit, u must acquit!

  3. latinovic505 says

    Well at least I hope the judge makes her suck his dick to drop the charges

  4. Dennis Cox says

    Beyond a reasonable doubt,,,, it's the law,,

  5. Odin31b says

    Do as we say not as we do is the motto of law enforcement with DWI in New Mexico.

  6. albert faulkner says

    Take her ass to jail

  7. Gregorio Bell says

    This is blue ISIS at it's best you cover for me I cover for you.

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