Raw: Authorities conduct massive pot bust in Perris | ABC7


Authorities conducted a series of marijuana busts in Riverside County. Nearly six tons of marijuana were found in Perris after officers served 32 search warrants at illegal pot grows. https://abc7.la/2JNHDev

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  1. Esmeralda Sanchez says

    All of that precious gold going to waste 😭

  2. Cisco says

    All because uncle sam didn't get his cut…

  3. mike maceda says

    Fuck you uncle Sam. 😒

  4. robert ross says

    i say bs on that all pot. make it legal colorado is doing good.wry not go their lawmakers. and see. pot. has brought in tax dollars even Macdonald has a pot-smoking section under smoke eaters get with it… the manpower and the courts time should be used on meth and other dangerous drugs meth has ruined lives in ky i have no horse in this pot race were in the home stretch making it legit i just want to see the finish line

  5. Smokesumm says

    Thats my neighbor!

  6. RKGSD says

    Into the wood chipper? Looks like finely ground weed now.

  7. Ninja Turtle Mark CHULO says

    The biggest bowl to smoke is being broken up and ready to burn up baby yay

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