Louis XIII OG Marijuana Grow – Week 6, Day 1


the last few times we grew this strain out we really hit a grand slam home run if you know what I mean.. the buds were rock hard huge and dance, and very plentiful.. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on again, follow this one to the finish line let’s see if it’s another grand slam!

About me: I’m a state registered and licensed, law abiding, medical marijuana caregiver located in Colorado who grows for a lot of patients who consume a lot of marijuana.Β  I make videos daily covering strains as well as grow techniques I deploy at my facility.Β  Please do not copy what I do here if you’re not somewhere where you legally are allowed to do so.

Attention Growers: The nutrient company I’ve been working with as a tester to develop this awesomeΒ  nutrient line is looking for more testers, Visit NPK420.com for more information.


  1. Wizard NPK says

    Visit NPK420.com August 1st to order your test kit of the same nutrients you see me use in these videos!

  2. Wicked Smile says

    looks good man wish u would go live at times

  3. Wicked Smile says

    looks good

  4. Wicked Smile says

    how long due you grow before flower

  5. Wicked Smile says

    looks to be growing for a while

  6. Wicked Smile says

    we learn daily from u want to know a good seed bank a great nutrients line we need facts and great information

  7. Wicked Smile says

    give us a call in number to talk with someone the fans need knowledge and information to grow help the public out

  8. William Howell says

    Louis looking great wizard as always.

  9. Sean Kandel says

    Any reason you do not use LED lights so many people have opinions on this topic?

  10. The Major General 420 Army says

    Canopy light levels?…looking awesome πŸ‘
    Oh Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  11. kelly hill says

    I always look forward to your videos .
    Open them up doesn't matter if the bottom gets closer to the top. Open them up get more weight . That's good advice thank you very much

  12. kelly hill says

    In regards to your nutrients will you be selling them at a store front or will it all be a mail order. I'm in, I'm not yet legal state.. can I pick them up in Colorado

  13. John Johnson says

    Out of all your beautiful grows she seems the skinniest

  14. Chris Barrier says

    If move to Colorado are you hiring I'd love to spend my day's with those beautiful ladies.

  15. Jonny Sandtrap says

    16th!! Lovely grows & channel!! Hey is there any chance when you have some time could you check out my 1st time ever medicinal Grapefruit Durban grow when you get a chance bro?? As she is going to 40th day flower, I could use some advice…especially on my upcoming blueberry grow #2 I am going to start from seed very soon. Anyways, thoughts would be great…Β 


  16. Aaron Jones says

    Hi Wizard NPK first off I've been watching since day one and your content is first rate. You have some of the most beautiful crops on YouTube I've seen. I've gotten some excellent advice on cultivating this amazing plant from your channel. Especially when it comes to growing larger beautiful plants and how to properly open them up. So I have two questions.
    1. If you could only use 5gal fabric pots how long would you expect to keep them in VEG? I know you've probably gotten this question a thousand times but I have limited space and light so I figured I should ask someone and you came to the top of the list of people to ask. Lol
    2. I know some new information was put out about the NPK420 nutrients. So is there going to be a price point or is it going to be like a sample kit to see if you would become a consumer for their products? Either way I want to be first in line to purchase NPK420 I truly have a deep respect for you and your team because you seem to think of your patients first the plants second and all the monetary B.S. last or if at all. So if a group of people like that can get behind and help develop a nutrient line I'm in sign me up I'm on board lol. Sorry for the long rant but I needed to let you know we appreciate your efforts thanks again


  17. James Butterson says

    Question β˜πŸ€“! During Flower PK how often and when to stop! πŸ‘πŸ’šπŸ•Š

  18. Timmy D Reptiles says

    Hey brother…..fantastic job on the daily videos and quality commentary. Very informative. If anyone deserves a little kickback on YouTube, it’s you. Thanks for the wisdom πŸ™. Godspeed brother.

  19. Tom Hack says

    Really like the technique. Will tey that instead of an net

  20. Bryan Jarvis says

    Those nugz look killer already

  21. Untyon Shallow says


  22. jason hullihen says

    nice a bunch of chunkers..

  23. EvryDayLife Intrystng says

    Love you AMIGO

  24. slack watters says

    Congratulations you guys which animals moving up fast deservingly so you guys put a lot out there we appreciate it thank you .

  25. Darrell Barton says

    Wizard have you ever heard of a half harvest ? Harvest the top half & bottom leave for 2 weeks more ! Bottom buds will swell fast !

  26. Darrell Barton says

    Just sitting here burning some Strawberry Dragons Breathe in Oklahoma this morning !

  27. scott15200 says

    Looks like you need some more npk's in your feeding regimen maybe some macro's too!

  28. scott15200 says

    102 thumbs up what did everyone actually learn?

  29. zergbong420 says

    Louis 13 is one of the strongest strains I've ever smoked. It is amazing smoke.

  30. Ryan D. says

    King Louis OG is my all time favorite herb. It is legit medicine lol. I was finally able to find a Louis Γ— dosi dos (kings stash) pack of seeds by Archive genetics in stock. Can't wait to pop them!!

  31. Lots of different strains. Bro, awsome shit.

  32. Juresa Lezetc says

    Love you guys, thankyou for sharing everything, very useful

  33. Juresa Lezetc says

    That auto dark purple plant looked beautiful, was it very strong thc?

  34. Somewhere In Mexico says

    Dan B weed sucks

  35. Jonah Young says

    A little small for week 6. But it's better than nothing. Its looking ok over all.

  36. Josh Rebarchek says

    Allways good stuff very informative. So week 6 u start to flush if its a 8 week girl?

  37. oldn dayzd says

    I cant find KingLouis X111 seeds anywhere my favorite strain Medicinal for me its Amazing

  38. Tracy Autumn says


  39. dominic holbrook says

    Yo wizard ! If you were going to start a seed grow bow would you go about germination and so forth?

  40. CUZZIN!!!!!! says

    Nice plants and nice looking buds

  41. Fanman2077 says

    West Virginia Dave, Grand Slam for sure Prof. Wizard looking at 20% and better THC, 0 CBD better save this grl for the evening to chill with. Stay Blessed.

  42. Stuart Parkins says

    Great job guys it looks the the fire βœ‹βœŠπŸŒ±πŸŒ…

  43. Lee Butler says

    Do you guys ever mess with autos?

  44. Keep it 100 says

    How long do you veg?

  45. Freedom Pharms says

    Sweet! Do love the King Louie X111!!!!

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