Transporting hemp plants from Colorado to Arkansas.


Our hemp farm in Colorado produced these clones from our mother stock. We delivered them to Arkansas to an organic farm in the mountains.
It is so exciting to watch the Hemp plant integrate back into our culture..
This plant is legal to transport under the 2018 Farm Bill.
We called and alerted the State Hwy patrols before we took the plants over state lines and had all of the proper documents required to legally transport hemp plants.
It is still illegal in Arkansas to grow under 1,000 hemp plants and your farm must be approved under the Arkansas Department of Agricultural.
Please contact us for more information on legally growing or using hemp in Arkansas.
Arkansas is full of beautiful land waiting for this plant.
Industrial and medicinal hemp is needed in the Natural State..
Many thanks to the law enforcement that has reached out to us in Arkansas and Colorado.
We are working to assure all hemp we grow, sale and distribute is third party tested.
Legal law is .3% Thc in Hemp.
It is very important to know your source when buying and growing hemp.

Sourcing high quality hemp seeds and clones and adhering to high growing standards helps not only the farmer but the consumer. As regulations are molded for this industry we seek to be leaders in standards and consistency.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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