WAFFLES, CHOCOLATE & COOKIES! | EXTREME HUNGER | What I Eat In A Day | Anorexia Recovery #55


Hi there! I am recovering from Anorexia and I am recovering by the Minnie Maud method! I hope you liked this video and also learnt something from this video.


  1. Mochimochi Jiminie says

    hi! Just wondering, when you first started your recovery, did you immediately start off with so many calories? if you did, did you experience any edema? Because I did and I'm currently inpatient because of it…
    now im worried since i will havev to follow a meal plan and stuff even though i'm so hungry, i also realised that my eating became more disordered inpatient than when i fed myself since there were specific eating times n specific portions… when i'm outpatient, what do you suggest i do? stick strictly to the plan or still eat more than it? im worried abt not being able to eat more since my eating is so diordered now ;;

  2. Rebekah Salvatore says

    Hey Marcella, do you know anything about acne in recovery?

  3. MVN MVN says

    Hi! I like like your videos really much, it makes me not give up my recovery when i see them. But i have a question
    When you gain your normal weight won't i be a problem for you to change the way you eat again? Because i think it's not save to eat like that for a long time. And that a real problem for me, I'm afraid to get used to this way of eating.
    Thank you))

  4. Wanqing Zhao says

    Your food always looks amazing 😋 keep fighting!!

  5. Nathalie L says

    Ik ben van anorexia overgeslagen naar binge eating. Maar eetbuien en periodes van 3 dagen vasten wisselen af en ik weet niet meer wat te doen😭

  6. Vatashi Lann says

    how do you cope with extreme hunger? I have been eating 5,000 calories for 2 weeks and gaining weight so quickly … I hate myself for it … It's very scary

  7. Kermit The Frog says

    You inspire me to keep moving forward in my recovery even though Im terrified!! ❤️ luv you

  8. Lena Näpflin says

    Hey! Sometimes after I eat something, I felt really guilty because I see how bloated I am😕but my this is not fat in my belly, it's most water or food is that right? So I don't have to feel guilty about it😕❤️but sometimes it's so hard to accept the bloat and go on with eating!
    Super Video as always! You are so motivating

  9. JackAvery Wife says

    how do you get your oats like that ??

  10. Tiger !! says

    Hoeveel gram oats doe je meestal? ❤️

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