PA Medical Marijuana Approved


I took a trip to Philadelphia to get approved for a PA Medical Marijuana Card. Hi! I’m Stacy, a 50 something female, living in my RV, a 25 foot 2005 Winnebago …


  1. Janet Browning says

    I think the reason the signs aren't always out is because they probably are having problems, like a lot of the other dispensaries, that are getting robbed…so, that would make sense why they don't leave them out. Did you get your job too? I think you won't have any problems at all getting the card, Stacy…so, not to worry about that part and if it helps, go for it. I know too that marijuana today is totally different than what was being used for recreation in the 60's…it won't be anything like you are worrying about…I know, all of us have those memories of the 60's and some of the other stuff we have seen, relating to drugs period…but, it isn't like that, with marijuana today…they have all sorts of different strains for difference aliments, etc…and the dispensaries are run very professionally, so it won't be anything like you are worrying about…if you are still afraid, take someone with you…lol I wish I lived closer, I would gladly have gone with you…but, I'm too far away…lol The city part, during rush hour, is probably the biggest deal of all of this…but, you are strong and smart, you will do fine getting there…trust me…if I can drive through some of the places I have driven during rush hour, then I know you can…you are smarter and braver than me…lol Do like I do, put the money in your bra…then when you need it, just turn away from everyone and pull it out…lol You are so cute talking and worrying about this whole thing, Stacy…I love you, gf…hugs and Blessings to you and Bao tooπŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’–πŸΎWTG gf…I'm proud of you!!

  2. John John says

    John Boehner and other evil people own these stores, Cecrso,Trulive,Medmen,ect. All of you have accepted Mark of the Beast, you can't buy sell or trade without the mmj card. Get out while you can.

  3. CaptainJack Scrapper says

    Glad it all worked out and that you were smart and stayed safe. Smiles

  4. Richard says

    Ms. Stacy congratulations on getting approved. Good health to you. Cheers to the Zen Lady.

  5. ShadowDan Danny says

    Yaay! Excited for you Stacy

  6. Stephanie Pooch says

    Stacy contact omni patient advocates

  7. Kerry Kerr says

    Stacy, I'm happy for you! I'm not sure why we humans tend to over think things, just say hell yeah it'll get done. I had CDB and a vape pen and herb delivered to my living room last week, a first for me. 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝

  8. Dino - says

    I am glad you got your card πŸ‘ I had applied and gone through the process over a year ago here in PA – but the $200 for the doctor appointment was too expensive and then I was seeing how much product in the dispensaries cost 😳😳 and at that time lack of availability in dispensaries – so I guess until PA goes recreational I will continue to get mine from where I always have πŸ‘ Congratulations on getting your card πŸ‘ Are you enjoying your summer here in good old PA?

  9. GrandMarais says

    Stacy! Congratulations. You look very happy. Philadelphia has some good Italian restaurants. I’ve visited there a few times when I lived in Hershey.

  10. Kerry MCFADDEN says

    Glad for you Stacie. A cumbersome process but at least it worked out well for you. I’m in New Jersey. .. let’s just say it’s challenging here. Take care .. enjoy your posts.

  11. Nola Flowers says

    This was an upload more about you overcoming fear! Thank you for your thoughtful information! I appreciate what you share with us!

  12. Greg p says

    The vape pens that run about $20 are only $2 on eBay from China.

  13. Alex Mcleary says

    So very pleased for you Stacy well done.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

  14. veronica beck says

    You know the drug comes in a pill form, never could understand why people smoke when they could just take the pill…..

  15. Sheryl Jensen says

    Hiya Stacy….Ive been looking into the card also for my Chronic Back Pain and now I have Leg Pain…It is Legal here in Arizona,,,I just have to find a doctor that will approve me and go from there…Glad you made it safe and back from Philly…Have your heard anything on your Job yet? Have a great week-end!!!

  16. Greg p says

    I've got my card here in Florida, there doesn't seem to be a limit on how much I can get. I seldom ever use it anymore, not experiencing the pain I once had. It works for that, but doesn't make me high, for that you gotta go get the stuff that is much cheaper on the other side of the railroad tracks.

  17. R McNasty says

    Hello Stacy
    Happy u got your med card. Less tax on med side. And products are Stronger. There are hidden costs, like Twinkies, Chips, soda Chocolate , Cake,
    Ice Cream. KETO Just flew out the Window.
    Check out the WEEDMAPS.COM
    FOR Reviews , Weekly deals, & pricing, & Locations across the US. The Yearly renewal Fee & Tax, change big time from State to State.
    Waiting on St Louis To Get Started. After u do your research on a Dispensary , Talk to people going in & out, ask what they would recommend.
    Use a dispensary with a smoking patio.
    If unsure buy a gram to try out. INDICA= Best for STRESS & Sleeping. And turning into a Couch Potato. Sativa = more Alert, Mental inspiration & Creativity. Good for Daytime Use .
    PS I'm a professional responsible drug user. TO U & ALL The
    U-TUBERS , I just rolled a Skunk Bud,
    Now I'm going to Sit around the Shanty and Put A Good Buzz On. Always Smoke 2 joints, before u smoke 2 joints, then smoke 2 more. Have a nice day. πŸ€ͺ β™₯️

  18. Lea Gnorts says

    Congrats Stacy. I,m a retired vet, I have health coverage through Tricare and I am also covered under the VA medical care. Do you know if the VA or Tricare works with medical marijuana care? I am thinking they don’t because they both are under federal regulations and federal law at this time doesn’t allow medical marijuana treatment. What your understanding of this? Also, wouldn’t the VA provide treatment for your autoimmune conditions? Do you use the VA?

  19. High tech low budget RV says

    when your brave the payoff can be awesome! glad it all worked out for you

  20. Todd Johnston says

    Yaaaa! Good for you. You followed your heart and succeeded πŸ™‚ just got my card, have spinal stinosis and help me sleep at night. No rain this weekend time to cut grass. Hang tough πŸ’ͺ young lady

  21. Lindielu says

    Hi Stacy are the cards good nationwide. Like will it work in AZ.

  22. karen knapp says

    please look up Leafly Dispensaries Philadelphia, they give discounts and area maps of dispensaries in your area. Best of luck! We have legal pot here now, but online you can see prices, etc. I enter amount, cost, and strain and get results.

  23. Joe's Caribbean Van says

    I have one. you can use your out of state card if you travel to Puerto Rico. I also don't think they deny the card to many people once you pay πŸ˜‚

  24. freedome nomad says

    There is a lot of benefits to marijuana but it's not like the marijuana back in the day. Or I'm you just old. It seems to be a whole lot stronger but it does help me sleep

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