Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Australia


This video is about three-time cancer survivor, Chad Walkaden providing an overview of the situation with Medical Cannabis in Australia.


  1. Cassandra Hawkins says

    Good on you Chad

  2. Jack Bodiless says

    Thanks for your contribution! Thank you!!!!

  3. Night Elven says

    Have just shared and Thank you xo

  4. 1Brengun says

    My dad is end stage bone cancer and has a morphine pump tended every day by a nurse. Trouble is he cry's out in pain because either the pump battery is flat, the line into his skeletal body isn't transferring the morphine through properly. With a feco cannabis dose he sleeps peacefully with no waking in pain. How good would it be if he and the family in his final days could smoke a bit of weed and have a giggle together. It would certainly lighten the mood and make dad feel better. Dying of cancer is rough enough.

  5. Computer Zen says

    Hi Chad your 100 percent right! My father in law just underwent 10 weeks of chemo treatment for late stage esophageal and liver cancer to no avail. He is getting onto cannabis oil to relieve his symptoms asap! Keep up the fight! I think people will just provide their own if the Government keeps selling out to big pharma and making it expensive and hard to obtain. Australia is a joke right now, it really is! Always 10 years behind the rest of the world, so it is time they caught up and gave us a wider range of affordable medical cannabis options.

  6. Soaping Down-Under says

    Cannabis has saved my life, and I will never ever be quiet about that fact.

  7. Garry E says

    Professor Martin needs to go! Next is to take Cannabis out of the hands of the TGA. It's a PLANT folks! There IS evidence it works. Get your head out of your Big-Pharma mates bums and stop giving them time to work out how to make billions from this plant!!! You go and take your opioids and let Australians take non-lethal medicine. Remember food (including plants) is health care; the food and medical industries are money-making sick care.

  8. Noreen Kewin says

    Thank you for this Chad. Perhaps those myopic makers of unjust laws need a good dose of Chemotherapy to see just how "good" chemo is. Cancer treatment has become a huge industrial juggernaut that needs cancer patients to survive and maintain it's profitability for BigPharma – and that is a quote from a documentary series "The Truth About Cancer" aired via the web last year. We, the people could be forgiven for thinking that our law/policy makers are intentionally criminally negligent because there is ample evidence relating to nutritionally based cures for cancer available without recourse to drugs, good or bad. It only has to be researched.

  9. Let's do this Chad! 👍✌❤😊

  10. Jane Skey says

    This needs to have the SHIT shared out of it!!!

  11. LUCY HASLAM says

    Chad couldnt agree more. Time to unite.

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