2019 Cannabis Re-Veg outdoor grow in Maine (#14)


Setting up more support for flowering.


  1. Doc BrainFog 4:20 says

    I said it once and I'm saying it again… Best natural set up I have ever seen and this should be awarded 🙂 true love and passion for your girls can be seen in the work you putting out there… You shall be rewarded with dankness

  2. The Major General 420 Army says

    Love the canopy brother…nice @#$&ing plants..what’s in the slug stuff??
    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

  3. Jay' Jay says

    Different dimensions are a beautiful thing!! Blueberry fields Forever!! Love you property Reminds me somewhat of my sisters place in the UP of Michigan.

  4. muddymike207 cannabis says

    Deppending strain, for me rule of thumb is first week of August everything goes into flower. One more veg feed then water.

  5. Stoned and Steady says

    Looks Great in your Garden area! Better every time I see them! Great Job

  6. Zammer Man says

    Enjoy if you have not already!

  7. Thomas Jefferson says

    Wild set up got to hand it to you very innovative.

  8. sampe says

    Why are yu using indoor soil… and yu live in Maine. yu can do all organic straight in the ground with proper microbes in the soil… no bottle nutes at all… who did yu learn to grow from… I'd go to where yu found those mushrooms and dig up that soil… it's been living for thousands of years super rich in microbes….
    Dont waste your money on that name brand soil… unless yu are growing indoors….
    Aw man I'm not even gonna say anything about the pesticides.

  9. Tea H Sea says

    Hey growmie, GREAT looking girls man!! I have a channel about growing as well. Not as in depth as yours as of now but I do updates about the plants as far as growth times and flowering and veg as well as review seeds from seed banks. Check me out man!! I subbed and thanks for the content!!

  10. Scott Alvarado says

    Mushrooms!! That's too Kool bro ,I have bunch of mushrooms growing around my pots.. I'll have to look into that ,good info

  11. Terrence Cotton says

    Just…. Good job man. Incredible work. And organic too!
    Keep up the wonderful work brother!

  12. FishForFoodNotSport says

    Weak grow, don’t know who the hell taught you to do your soil the way you do it, but it’s definitely not ideal. The structures look nice, the plants do not.

  13. Keir Keir says

    Check out chicken of the woods, easy to identify mushroom and super tasty cooked with garlic and white wine

  14. emerald coast 420 says

    good growing bud love the setup

  15. Andr Prun says

    Красота, красотища!!!

  16. Roy Wood says

    Your plants are looking good. I have a crop in MA and since we are so close on the map, I find some of the tips and ideas you have been sharing to be very beneficial. I wish I had the room you have on your property. Good luck and the girls are getting ready to pop down here!

  17. Marcos Rezende says

    Yeap , the trick of the mushrooms, he´s right! There´s so many nutrients in this mushrooms , and it´s organic dude!

  18. U Even Grow Bro? says

    FUCK YAH Merch Man! EWOK Gardens lookin EPIC!!!!!!!! Damn I’d love to come across something like this on my walks in the woods!!! The dog and I would befriend the resident and ask to work for room and board and food!!! Hahaha!!!! Paradise my man!!! PARADISE!!!

  19. Sweeeeeet hell yea man the ladies are looking great! Beautiful garden Cheers buddy ¦)

  20. Chemical Smile says

    Looking good! I am doing a low budget outdoor grow log here in Northern Michigan and just stumbled onto your channel. I will be viewing all your videos 😉

  21. King Dubia says

    The garden’s looking amazing! I hope you film all the way through harvest, looking forward to seeing the process.
    Totally enjoying this.

  22. rammur1 says

    So nice, do you have any pests, like spyder mites or cattapillars . ?

  23. big chew says

    Keep it up bro

  24. John Paddock says

    I don't know a buddy of mine's using it so I'm trying it out I truthfully don't know sorry

  25. SOLOcultivations 707 says

    Why did you put the clear tarp up?

  26. Angie Gracie says

    What's the Walkthrough? I wanna go!

  27. Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming says

    I'm subbed to you,
    But YouTube isn't showing this in my sub list.
    Why the fuck is YouTube being a censoring bitch?

  28. THUG LIFE says

    I said I already told you merch you have a fucking beautiful garden! the best thing to come that it's all pretty plants will have big bud my friend!🤘😁🤘

  29. Dalo's Flowers says

    Looking beautiful my friend! Not all fungi are beneficial to cannabis but I like where your heads at on those shrooms!

  30. Mosbbberg420 says

    Damn Maine great way to stay green I love how you use all your natural resources ladies look fantastic

  31. Ammo Junky 530 says

    Working well sir

  32. rob m says

    Plants looking awesome

  33. rob m says

    You might want to keep the grow nutes going for at least another week. And taper off em don't just stop.

  34. Glenn Smith says

    The roots are growing through the side of the pots?

  35. Michael Wallis says


  36. Teresa poudrier says

    Wont that twine leave hairs on the sticky buds?
    I thought maybe fishing line, could be cleaned in-between grows as well, or off season.

  37. No One says

    U said u switched to flower nutes I hope ur still keeping ur nitrogen high specially with them going into flower with there stretch and ur defoliation

  38. OgLazyMan says

    Looking really proper… love the way your using wht u have and making it look clean and neat… beautiful work 🦍

  39. Ben Atchley says


  40. _streamers_ _streamers_ says

    Its looks sick man.

  41. BT Bud’s says

    Bro I have been watching since the beginning. It awesome to see these re veg plants do so well! Great vids bro keep it up!

  42. russ nicholas says

    Onwards and upwards Merch!!
    Everything turned the corner now
    Hard works paying off
    Weathers been nice an warm in England lately so that's all good
    Big up ya chest 👍

  43. HJ PuffnStuff says

    I never could understand  why you have the plants set up on top of volcanos and then add soils to cover up. Im not saying things aren't good as they are but why didn't you have high side walling at the start ? all the best

  44. CUZZIN!!!!!! says

    Garden looking good bro plants are getting big

  45. Jay Patrick Sei says

    Looks amazing for mostly gathered supplies, or bought supplies at that. Seems to me you have everything in order considering when & what you started with! I think your doing great making your own Meds & "treats" in your own backyard/bush! 👍 Congratulations on doing it your way!🍁🔥💨 Peace

  46. jesseyaa1964 says

    Man I frikken enjoyed the Wild Mushroom segment kinda made me relax watching you enjoy that! Oop! Time to Ripp the Bong..cheers! 🙏🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽👊🏽💥💯

  47. Canadā says

    Loving your series

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