Oregon Recreational Outdoor Cannabis Grow


Week 6 of flower update. Grow Oregon!


  1. Slowed Hits says

    beautiful herb man

  2. Emily Summers says

    I'm looking forward to your 2016 videos. I'm curious what calendar date you put your plants outside. I would like to get an early start but I'm worried about early-flowering in spring because of the short spring days. Any willamette valley insight would be much appreciated, thank you 😀

  3. Ichiban Moto says

    … bad ass awesomeness !

  4. Lasandra Palmer says

    nice plants

  5. Papo Pepo says

    Plants look happy, however that strain looks like ass

  6. rusty j. shackelford says

    very nice! you got some crazy colors goin on. when you start flushing they are gonna be beautiful.

  7. Oregon Trees says

    I love the colors

  8. cv503 says

    nice color on those

  9. KALI_KRONIC_916 says

    Damn those r sum nice n dank purple ass buds bro

  10. forrest gump V says

    Nice !! You have it screened all around ? Didn't know if it helps with spider mites…Looking fwd to outdoor growing, not there yet….

  11. nwmetalbug says

    Its ok you can comment and criticize im here to learn.

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