Trying Papa Johns Philly Cheese Steak + The Works Pizza


Eat with us tonight! See if the Papa John’s Philly CheeseSteak Sandwich is really a Philly CheeseSteak! Kathy’s Channel …


  1. Heather Clare says

    We always have & always will leave our Xmas tree up for 5 weeks from 1st December, 💕 from Australia

  2. Matt Melanson says

    I love Kathy’s input!

  3. Eliza Gail says

    It all looked Delicious 😋

  4. 49er Faithfull says

    That's one of the most akward video I have ever seen I can feel bad tension in ur kitchen and I'm not even there

  5. Sis M says

    Thank you for this video..I hope you'll be doing more videos like this on different restaurants.

  6. Jenny Cowlishaw says

    I just subscribed to Kathys channel! ♥️

  7. Jenny Cowlishaw says

    You two are funny 😆

  8. Jenny Cowlishaw says

    Kathy is so sweet

  9. Bill Mitchell says

    Yes take us to pats and Gene'os this spring👍

  10. Meaghan Lopez-Mijares says

    You're wife is sssooo cute!!!! 🙂

  11. Phyllis Bell says

    Kathy: I ran across Rick's channel by accident today. You two were doing the 8 pressure cooker challenge. I subscribed to his channel, then followed his link to your channel. I subscribed to yours too.

  12. Mike Grabasandwich says

    Great deal! Dough you can spend and dough you can eat! 🙂

  13. Pat G says

    Happy New Year from the north/west hills of Connecticut ! I'm looking forward to lots more videos from you guys this year !!

  14. Pat G says

    I-Pads are great….you can watch youtube videos on it…..especially Rick and Kathy videos !! sometimes in bed I'll watch you guys cooking…or eating !

  15. Anthony Denowski says

    Rick, Happy New Year to you and all of your family and friends. If you have a Domino's pizzeria near you, I suggest trying their Philly Cheese Steak Pizza.. The only thing I do, is order triple beef, green peppers, and onions. Dang that is good eats. Cheers!!

  16. Scottish Lass says

    Now I need to try out the works one here in Scotland. See you Jimmy LOl 😛 :D. Happy New Year Rick & Kathy xx

  17. Mike Burkey says

    Ranch dreassing………BLASPHEMY!!!!!!! THE WHIZZ IS KING!!!! LONG LIVE CHEEZ WHIZZ!!!!!!

  18. Mike Burkey says

    Having Carl's jr with ya while I am watching

  19. Brian Evans says

    I hate Apple products too, had an iPod classic, gave it away. Quite happy with Android now.. That's about a weeks food for me..

  20. 1919lj says

    Happy New Year Rick and Kathy enjoy your videos after seeing the cheesesteak cant wait for ours to open soon!

  21. T Kemp says

    We have a 65" samsung curve 4k with 3D. We got it from the big tv store. We love it. Also own a lot of other samsung appliances.

  22. DansJets says

    Like your shirt Rick. 350,000 plus on the strip tonight for New Years in 32 degree weather with all the fireworks going off at midnight.

  23. The Real Macaw says

    You guys are so awesome! You always make me so hungry!!! Happy New Year you two!!

  24. Bryan Rogowski says

    Happy New year Rick and Kathy hope all is well

  25. EB from Florida says

    wow rick thank you sir I didnt know kathy had a channel just sub to her thanks

  26. EB from Florida says


  27. Laura Elrod says

    Papa John’s has change their sauce to their pizza have you noticed it takes sugary now we don’t like it

  28. 2000konnie says

    Samsung TVs are definitely very good. I got one in 2012, a "SmartTV", never had any problems and it still has a fantastic picture. I can't justify a new TV.

  29. David P says

    Rick try smoking your pork and sour kruat with some Yukon gold potatoes and some polish sausage in a aluminium pan OMG it's good!

  30. Grumpy Garry says

    How do you stay in such great shape Rick? You must have a hard job or work out a lot.

  31. Bonnie Walker says

    "Happy New Year's"

  32. yogizorch says

    I'd go for the 75" Samsung. I've had a 65" for a few years and it's been problem free. I'd also recommend an Amazon fire tv. I got one to watch FuboTV since I started watching a lot more soccer instead of the NFL. There are plenty of movies and old tv shows available on YouTube also. The quality is at least as good as DirecTV and in most cases better.

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