Wow Big Shaded Outdoor Marijuana Grow July 28 2019


Grower Update.


  1. Mummy Mountain Indica says

    Great looking plants I thought I'd share my video.

  2. Kanaan Souza says

    Hella greeen what u feed those ladies

  3. caca pepe says

    I get way more fucking light then you and your plants are way bigger than mine! Congrats your doing something right

  4. caca pepe says

    When month did you start them?

  5. Woody Xyooj says

    Agree with what you said. Imagine if they had full sun exposure. Be 🔥

  6. Lay Low 334 says

    ✊🏾Nice As Usual My Friend🌳👀🌳💨

  7. yurasta says

    nice garden mate, keep on going

  8. Kaya T.V. says

    Looks amazing and hot!

  9. Mister Blue710s says

    It's like a jungle sometimes👀⛽

  10. Charles stevens says

    You getting 2plus?

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