Best Buds- DJ Short's Blueberry Strain Spotlight


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  1. Juan Betancourt says

    I Have Stocked Up Bigtime With Blueberry. I Won't Smoke Anything Else Lately

  2. j m sparger says

    Blessed with a noog fired between 7 people, 1 toke each at an arts festival in 97. Spent 3..THREE..hours asking if my eyes were open.. 😲🤩🤯😵

  3. Dan Mel says

    If it's a combo of thai sativa and Afghan genetics with a uplifting high why is it an indica? Because the plants structure? The whole classification of weed needs to be re thought because it generally makes no sense except when referring to land race strains as indica or sativa.

  4. Jas L says

    This strain and the burned rubber Deep Chunk are my two favorites

  5. Jas L says

    Can never find these seeds

  6. apsert says

    Surprised they even GERMINATE they have been sitting around for fucking ages.

  7. O'Scarroll says

    You forgot Blue Dream.

  8. Mr. LuvaLuva says

    I grew Blueberry Kush this year , got 2 1/2 lbs. of it got my fems online. Tastes delicious , smells sweet but skunky. Looks just like that pic with the tin lid in the vid. I bought Amber mason jars this year.Supposed to keep 99% of Uv light out , and have them in a cool dark closet still curing…But Ive been cheating a little . snagging some here and there . I can tell each time I grab some that it keeps getting better and better with time. Great vid . I miss the dope jamz that usually accompany the vid though. Peace (Quads_) How can I send some pics to u? awesome nug pics with Hi Def camera.

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