Best Buds- Gorilla Glue #4 Strain Spotlight


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  1. Paddy Ohara says

    How long veg?

  2. Roger Ramjet says

    Clone only for the true original

  3. big chew says

    Gg4 That ⛽.

  4. Mad River Reefs says

    GG4 is by Joseywhales anything else is a fem or fake

  5. Green Leaf Grow says

    Booooom!! Love it ✌🇨🇦✌🇨🇦

  6. Joshua Jordan says

    By far best all around strain gg#4

  7. Miguel Matias says

    Purple cactus it's better

  8. Larry Boling says

    Do you do a series on autoflowers

  9. big chew says


  10. jazzy purple says

    Growing gg4 and mint chocolate chip

  11. Bruce Holinight says

    Strain will not Hermie ! I've grown it since inception ! It's even hard to reverse ! Awesome minty sweet killer bud !

  12. Tim Page says

    Seeds of this from Royal have hermaphroditic tendency.

  13. IVAN HORVAT says

    Thank YOU for that info. 👋👍🙏

  14. Tony Carver says

    anyone know how "mould resistant" this strain is? my growing area needs TLC due to a swamp next door.

  15. Green Leaf Grow says


  16. Barry Hyde says

    Looks great!

  17. T2DG QUICKDRAW says

    I did some last year slugs ate 1 someone stole one only a week into flower the dopes choppped off bud sights and week later came back for stalk…lol..the other one was a bad harvest but I smoked it fresh almost..dried a few days. ..I was so stoned

  18. Buddy Sherart1 says

    Hellyeah, Thanx-I'm smoking GG#4 Right Now. ✌😎🚬💨

  19. UrTwoDadz says

    I thought this video was going to have 10k + views. The best video i've found on this strain.

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