The Grow Boss ( teaches you everything you need to know to grow weed cannabis and marijuana. I explain the truth about all the …


  1. greenhorn grower says

    And of course I gave it a thumbs up as always from Portland,Or

  2. greenhorn grower says

    Hey bro, you never know how much some does or doesnt know or what kind of day week year decade they are having so maybe lighten up a little and u will blow up for real!!! U already know it all and that's why we are here plus ur a cool dude but besides that maybe taking it case by case or I should say person by person explaining what it is they are asking or what it is they might need help with (ALL THIS WHILE ON AIR). I totaly get that it's got to get frustrating answering the same questions over and over but by doing so ur spreading the correct knowladge which in turn helps people in there daily life which in turn helps others around them which helps out towns states countries continents AALLLL because of you and your knowladge and ur obvious kind heart to share ur knowladge with others so think of the BIG picture when your getting frustrated my friend! Smile more it looks way better on you then a frown

  3. J Smith says

    Grow Boss wtf. its been brought to my attention that you hate Canadians? Explain your self and thoughts.

  4. Cory Upton says

    first time Ive seen grow boss smoke

  5. Amp B says

    He's turning into the Howard Stern of grow casts.
    Ppl show up in comment sections and Live chat just to hate. That's how you know you're making it!
    I love it!

  6. NoL King says

    Two things I take away from his teachings 1. Dont kill your plants. (I stopped PH'ing my water,the ladies didnt die they thrived.👊) 2. Yield depends on light. (The goal is for an elbow and a half. 💪)
    Only snowflakes get their feelings hurt.

  7. Michael DPCo says

    let me show yall my microsoft windows 95 paint skills….. hahahahaha this is how yall do it step back..

  8. Karl Sterling says

    commented on your crap before I notice you constantly Monday morning quarterback people but I've never seen your put your own grows out there you want me to buy your crap show me what you could do sport

  9. An American says

    Ok grow boss, now you’re just making yourself look like a total dumbass who hasn’t done anything other than flower with hps. Flower some clones under 2700k and 6500k and tell me there isn’t a difference. Either can be desirable depending on the end users preference, but there is 100% a difference.

    You’re such a fucking noob sometimes.

  10. Jcommiato says

    What do you think about t5 power veg bulbs for bloom

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