Oregon Recreational Cannabis Outdoor Grow


Week 4 of flower Purple Kush.


  1. Destiny says

    Defiantly looking for purp or advice on how to grow it

  2. Destiny says

    Wow I just moved here from Ohio give me a call or text 702-886-7805

  3. jd rose says

    Hell yea man your purps looking b e a utiful man

  4. The Real Cannabis Factory says

    looking good , have a look at mine 🙂

  5. KALI_KRONIC_916 says

    ur plants r lookin gud men

  6. nwmetalbug says

    Put the rain roof on supposed to start raining a bit next week. My phone sucks for video so please dont hate on me for the crappy video lol. Feel free to give any advise I might even listen to it. Peace

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