Woman plans to sue over CBD oil arrest at Disney


A great-grandmother who was arrested because she brought CBD oil to Disney says she plans to sue the theme park.


  1. Eric Wood says

    I hope she loses and her lawyer makes a ton of money billing her.

  2. thasickest says

    Coward police wasting my tax dollars on this. Florida Florida Florida.

  3. robert shuman says

    Mitch McConnell will endorse it for her,only thing he's done,since 9/11

  4. PROD: TeRd FeRgUson says

    Hope she Sues. she will win

  5. Clara McClure says

    CBD oil is deceiving. The police report does shows it contains harmful THC in it. This world is very deceiving now. Be careful. She won't win this case. CBD has THC which is not legal on Federal basis.

  6. K P says

    Good! I hope she gets all she can$

  7. Pm פיטרוש מיכאל says

    CBD oil is legal.

  8. MegaYangman says

    Hope she sues the crap out of that police department!

  9. ohdwight says

    hey Disney ! IGNORANCE AIN"T BLISS : plus disney is a babykiller ; they let alligators each children ; SUE their butts

  10. Quartz says

    You don't even need a prescription for CBD oil.

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