AUTISM Social Skills


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  1. The Aspie World says

    Do you have any hacks for social skills with being on the Autism Spectrum?

  2. MK/Missy/ Murphy says

    I found your channel through Fathering Autism. I have been watching your content because my daughter is 23 and she was told that she might be in the spectrum. I am hoping she will get an official diagnosis. She has already been diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder and PTSD. She has gotten to where she can hug me, and for me that is huge.

  3. mynamesnotnia says

    Heeeyyy if anyone is interested, I just made a channel too about autism! It’s quite different from this channel – but this channel has really helped me over the years, so I hope mine can help others too!! ☺️👍

  4. Vester1985 says

    I am 34 years old and have many characteristics of Asperger's… Do you have any advice or experience regarding getting diagnosed as an adult?

  5. Sam. says

    You hung out with Jake Paul 🤭😱😅


    Do u have the link to the video with the apps in it???

  7. Andrew Hickman says

    Did they kill off Jim??? Roll on with season 4…

  8. Kimberly Carpenter miller says

    Thank you for a great vlog it wasn't boring at any part.

  9. Jackie Murphree says

    Dan you are my favorite autistic youtuber and thank you for being a inspiration for autistic adults.

  10. Planeswalkerss SS says

    Mic is really loud in my right ear, real quiet in the other.

  11. fdlseeker says

    The PDF would be great!

  12. Sid The science kid says

    What language do you think you speak in while talking to people?

    ASD or ADHD

  13. Progressor says

    Where was this originally streamed?
    You're obviously responding to a chat, but I don't see Youtube's livestream-chat.

  14. Goob_ 567 says

    If you do a video on GAD and Autism, will you explain how to tell if it is GAD or anxiety because of sensory stuff.

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