Cannabis outdoor in Oregon S02 Ep 6 Transition to bloom



  1. john kouba says

    O you know damn well that piece of shit waste of a human body is watching how you took a fucked up situation (that he created) and strait turned it around to the best of your ability! Straight slap in the face. Biiiiiaaaatch!

  2. Jackey420 says

    growers love fam just add you..get me fam thx..great video

  3. Double A says

    Great update bro, and greenhouse is coming along great. Yeah I force myself to come out today and fully cleaned the center of the plants and all of those long branches that weren't going to do anything. So far three buckets worth of foliage since I put them outside in May

  4. Silver Squirrel Farms says

    Nice Af Paks Cash Cropper! Hell that's all we can do man is play the hand we are dealt. Some times we are handed a shit sandwich and when we are it's best to just hold our nose and gobble it down and move on. Here's to better luck man! Cheers! 🙂

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