First time growing Outdoor Marijuana


This video is old and the plants were destroyed by someone upon discovering them. They continued to grow while laying crushed on the ground, just goes to …


  1. SiLveRSuRFeR ThASpLuRGeR says

    can someone check
    my plant video need feedbck

  2. Tyrese Jinner says

    Bra you should really top your plant youll have alot more tops

  3. MrDegaldy says

    wow you suck at growing letting them gt that big
    males next to female…

  4. Topik 420 says

    U have too man it will turn ur other plants the same way into a boy good stuff u know u shit bro hope it work out after u trams plant ur males are kill them even better yo .,.

  5. Dee Jay says

    Who would destroy such a beautiful harmless plant? 🙁 Thats why i have cameras around my grow site if someone fucks with my plants im gonna fuck with them.

  6. Mopja100 says

    whoever pranced by and destroyed it should have his head smashed in with a wooden baseball bat

  7. joseph broadley says


  8. Scott Howard says

    pretty stretched looks like ,,, besides that i would say not enough light where they are but look nice and green,,,,,,

  9. Ishade Bn says

    what do you think? i can plant some seeds right now too? got some autoflowering seeds

  10. Greg Corcoran Jr says

    stop by a hydro store and see if they carry thesas mist, it cost $30 its a spray that you use to hermaphrodite your females, you apply it when your flowering cycle starts for 14-21 days to one branch and you will get pollen sacks, either let nature take its course or harvest and pollinate yourself, if the pollen comes from a female and the pollen pollinates a female you get feminized seeds,

  11. Greg Corcoran Jr says

    ppffffft…. 3:33 that plant is crying for 1/2 strength miracle grow vegetable water soluble fertilizer, any time the center of the of the leaves start transitioning from green to light yellowish -green its time to feed, always feed half strength because you can always add more in a couple of days if needed. you might notice that late morning they will be kinda light colored but green up towards the late afternoon

  12. Greg Corcoran Jr says

    i dont know what he's using, but it needs improving. read my other posts on this video, if i get enough beggers ill show my garden and explain what im doing for my first time outdoor grow

  13. Greg Corcoran Jr says

    whack is just being mean, he is just not well informed or didn't do the research prior to his first grow. now, i have my outdoor grow that started June 1st, 2012 from seeds and 4 of my plants are 8 foot trees next to my 6-7 foot fence. no seriously, if ten people beg me ill post a video response showing my garden and i will lay out exactly how i have done this in a simple manner including what supplies i am using, Also I'm glad my gardeners are cool with it

  14. Greg Corcoran Jr says

    the tricomes or the resin glands on the leaves and bud will turn mostly amber use a jewelers scope to view, but you are going to want to stop feeding for 2-3 weeks prior and give water only to flush the plant and allow it to use up all the stored nutrients from the leaves

  15. Greg Corcoran Jr says

    males will pollinate females and the female will produce seeds in the bud. all is smokeable but un-pollinated females will be highest in thc , pollinated females have less thc due to its not trying to be as sticky as possible to catch pollen because it already caught it. last males have very little thc but is still there and from what I've read the top 3rd of males is an alright smoke if you dont mind leaves, but most find the male annoying because they want the icky sticky buds

  16. TuNerGuY -_- says

    dude if you have a 55gallon tank get sum day bulbs n have at it inside but wit a fan also..

  17. esequiel Ortega says

    nice plants man how old do thy have to be to start budin im a begginer so jus wonderin

  18. 02CheeseKid says

    indica fatchunkier leaves sativa thiner sharper leaves

  19. Dustin says

    if i was you i would have put em in 5 gallon buckets

  20. BubbleHeadAquaLungs says

    if you aren't cloning, you should prolly get some plants, male and female, to get free seeds, 2nd fastest way to rapidly expand a grow room 😀

  21. airpartical says

    What do you use for fertilizer ect? And soil. Nice video

  22. Toast Tee says

    what part of the country are ya in? Anyone know how well they will grow in the NE US? Ive got some good early flowering strains i wanna try. Although i hate Greenhouse seeds, i am gonna run Hymalayn Gold, Church. Supposed to be good yielders if there crap ass seeds germ.

  23. adpkool says

    how many weeks old should they be before i plant them outside?

  24. Osopro123 says

    smart!! i grow weed in a secret spot in my local park

  25. Metal8Lover says

    @yezzzzzSIR this is probably very late by now but you water as your plant needs if the soil is completely dry when you put your whole finger in the soil then the plant probably needs water but be careful soils that "hold" water will only be wet at the bottom half of the soil so just keep a eye on the leafs if they look droopy water them but not everyday unless your soil has good drainage. what works best for me is 2-4 times a week again depending on the plant.

  26. Metal8Lover says

    nice very nice are thinking of cloning or breeding??

  27. MicroNuggets says

    Your soil looks shitty and doesnt look like there is good drainage.

  28. sonor681 says

    @baseballinn the highway is beside a field beside my forest, camera just picks up audio quite well 🙂

  29. STOCK IX says

    If you can hear cars passing by and background noise (dogs barking, etc), your not guerilla growing in a good place dude

  30. sonor681 says

    @IPLAYGAMES69 Naw we got them from a smoke shop

  31. jhb jkh says

    @sonor681 do u buy ur seeds online ?

  32. sonor681 says

    @imahalo123 Well it just depends on the of privacy you have and the places you could grow and also dry.
    If you have feminized seeds (females) then 5 or less would be a good amount, or if you didnt know the sex of the seeds then 8 or so would be decent. But as I said it just depends on if you can grow that many without getting caught or if you have the space
    Hope I helped 🙂

  33. imahalo123 says

    How many seeds you suggest someone who starts to grow marijuana get?

  34. sonor681 says

    @rascalshufflesbetter Just keep them watered, keep them outa sight, make sure their getting enough light and make sure to put them in some soil and you should have a great crop. You growing outdoor or indoor?

  35. Malachi Farrow says

    good job keeping your plants together bro please give me some tips i just started growing a week ago

  36. sonor681 says

    @imZ00TED ill tell ya in detail 😀
    First we bought seeds then we germinated them, we planted them in little pots until they sprouted and then tranfered them to bigger pots then a month or so later we planted them outside and here they are. You looking into growing man?

  37. Christopher St. Clair says

    reminds me of mexican growing tall plants not too bushy

  38. Christopher St. Clair says

    mine r a lot smaller ur lucky im going to subscribe im doin outdoor also

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