How to Extract CBD/THC from Cannabis with Alcohol/Everclear


This was a practice video for us to start making videos. The information is solid, though. We’ll work on getting better at making videos. We’ll probably be doing a …


  1. Jc JA says

    This foo is funny asf. Enjoyed the video tho.

  2. Ed OgHaze says

    Nice video man! But dam that's to much work lol.

  3. mikeoxhuge says

    The color of your husk should be the color of oil in jar bro.
    The rest is plant matter not suitable for oil production.

  4. mikeoxhuge says

    Way too green my friend.
    Freeze the alcohol
    Freeze the weed
    Freeze the jars
    Run everything cold as you can. 3 min contact at most.
    That includes a final quick rinse after 2 min of contact and drain.
    Should be the color of gas not syrup

  5. mikeoxhuge says

    Save the leftover flower for making BudderGoodies…
    Still alot of beneficial active compounds in that flower.
    I wont tell you how but I get 3 different extractions off the same bag of weed… now you know 2 of them.

  6. Flower Nose says

    Using a similar process I pulled 12 grams out of several ounces of trim.
    It's dark gold. It's restful nights. It's clear headed mornings. It's a break from pain. It's pretty much a warm hug in a cold world.

    Good on You for sharing the knowledge so well. 👏👍😁

  7. Hlumela Bongobi says

    I wish I knew someone who could do this and buy this from them because that was a lot of effort but great job.

  8. Bud Davis says

    Sorry about calling you a DUMBASS in next comment !

  9. Bud Davis says

    Hey DUMBASS do you realise evrey time you filter the alcohol your leaving a lot of THC in the coffee filter !
    Question : why didn't you just use 1 big jar and do all of the cannabis at once ? Instead of 6 different jars and coffee filters tthat you left THC in evrey jar and evrey filter !
    You should slow down using your product . then you would see that I'm right ! And that your way is verry slow and you use too much SHIT too many jars pots and pans coffee filters plus itsjus waistfull as HELL ! Ill tell you the best way to extract using alcohol here's a hint French press ! Problem solved 1 container I filter verry fast only 1 step from start to finish and it's verry efficient you do not WAIST as much THC ! THE ONLY THING I HAVE AGAINST THIS WAY OF EXTRACTION IS THE ALCOHOL PICKS UP TO MUCH CHLOROPHYLL (GREEN COLOR )

  10. A Andrus says

    Hey, great info and interesting to watch. Thanks!! Newbie medical user here. Made my own already but need to learn a better method. I like this one.

  11. Apokalypz Records says

    ur reaction when u touched the hot water!!!!……..haha…hey whats with the headphones?!!!!ha

  12. voodoo blacksharbour says

    Tote boxes behind him must be full of pot! He don't seem to care about the spillage or squeezing out his material real good

  13. Martin Driscoll says

    Great video thanks for posting. You may have already done this so my apologiespossibly do a video showing people who are just getting into this how to make small benches especially if they are new cancer patients and they need access to the medicine quickly

  14. Tracy Szelc says

    Excellent video. Thank you.

  15. Hackybaby says

    is this america here? °F or °C?

  16. Thank you for your helpful knowledge and enthusiasts teaching keep up u good work for those who want to learn from this method I subbed and be watching friend cheers from muskoka Ontario eh lol

  17. Josh Chiappetta says

    That look-smells pretty good buddy

  18. Franco Palumbo says

    Nice Recipe! Try squeezing out the flower after it soaks, you will recover a fair amount of liquid and Tricomes, etc! Thanks

  19. MJ Yancey says

    Could you add terpenes and PG/VG mix to this, and have it become a vaporizing liquid?

  20. Charmaine Moir says

    I have a condition called porokeratosis. I am allergic to the sun. Was gìven cañnìbus oil to mix with coconut oil. Is working

  21. Mind Over Matter says

    I don't understand why people don't use a nice micron screen instead of the chitty napkin so there's no green matter = cleaner oils

  22. BJ P says

    my 70 yo brother in Illinois has weeks left to live.Lung Cancer. THC oil cost?

  23. featheon says

    I always take medical advice from someone wearing studio headphones during a tutorial.

  24. Creative - says

    Was hoping to see more. Great video, can you do the process twice or does it all extract after the first cycle? Thank you

  25. Kenneth Dotzler says

    I have many ailments and my father is dying from cancer. His doctors have already told hom he should be dead. O am going to try to make aome, because i cant afford a constant supply. I have givin him beautiful earth organics and believe thats why he is still alive. Any help would be appreciated!

  26. Dell Johnson says

    THC breaks down at 98 degree doesnt it? Everclear in alaska is only 150 proof leaving 25% water to desolve unwanted crud..go to a lab supply and buy 'HARD' PAPER FILTERS to strain your takes forever but manOman is it clean. i did this 40yrs ago. BTW Óterized 100% dry stems make more potent results THC wise then bud…less but more potent++

  27. Dell Johnson says

    7好 饿爱8 0去0人都

  28. P2Feener 305 says

    Explain one thing to me please. The man him self Rick Simpson does not put the bud in the oven to decarb……after you do the wash and cook off the alcohol aren’t the cannabinoids being activated right then and there? It’s heat at the correct temp that decarbs the bud yes? So when you extract it and cool off the solvent doesn’t the material become heated and decarbed? I’m by no means smarter or know more then anyone that’s why I ask…

  29. Dave Ridlespriger 2 says

    Nate dogg , aint nothin but a G thang baby

  30. Dave Ridlespriger 2 says

    correction "RAPE".
    That nigga down stairs aint got nothing for you but a pitch fork.
    I tried to give you a fighting chance on 50/50 but you wanted the whole sausage.nate dogg "aint nothing but a G thang baby


    I found that a pc fan runnung from usb evaporates the alcohol, in about 20 minutes for a snall amount.

  32. lila333111 says

    You can tell when people have unlimited supplying.

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