Leaked Footage about Australian Minister Greg Hunt and Medical Cannabis



  1. Peter Brush says

    cannabis should be first try medicine NOT last resort. the evidence supports my view, not Greg Hunts poor knowlege of the science and research!

  2. This Week in Weed TV says

    Which is greater the hypocrite or the hypocrisy of the hypocrites in the video? FFS – The Cannabis laws we have in Australia were supported, then pushed, then taken credit by one of the activists in the video based in Tamworth while sitting on the board of $60m of Anti-Cannabis pharma trying to corner the CBD Pharma market with her own grow in Tamworth. Then the other legendary cannabis smoking, recording artist, that funded synthetic Cannabis trials to kids in Australia, continues to support anti-Cannabis laws while also sitting on the board with pharma as does her husband for a still different pharma Cannabis group.. Start with the truth – Hunt is nuts but tells it like he sees it wrong as that is. NO ONE mentions the 2 live Cannabis bills due to pass in 2019. Ask why ? CBD is not Cannabis – flour is not cake but 2 of these support CBD while pretending to support Cannabis. #StandUPForCannabis

  3. cliff perkin says

    Even when shown hippocracy of these filth,the people can't get their heads around the image they see on TV and the damage their hippocracy is actually doing to the real nice sick people who need a medicine that this "nice man" has put huge road blocks in their way causing untold misery and damage ,the fault is in ourselves because when someone shows their true self by their words an actions ,you should believe them,but alot of my countrymen have been willfully self decieved ,they can never admit that they have been conned by a smart Armani suit and 20 second news grab and any evidence to the country (people literally dying and in unnecessary pain)well that's their bad luck,I'm alright jack what can I get for me at the next election cycle.

  4. Linda Howard says

    The letter he has sent the qld gov on her behalf are on her Facebook page. He even gave her his mobile number. All this insanity about villains and conspiracy etc –

    Greg Hunt has overseen cannabis medicine becoming legal to prescribe in Australia.
    He has overseen the development of the Australian cannabis medicine industry.
    He has convinced the states to drop all the red tape and have one single access system. He has advocated for Kaitlyn Spraggon relentlessly against the Queensland government for 12 months.
    What else exactly could he do to show show he is supportive of cannabis medicine?
    He's done more than any other minister to date.
    What he doesn't want is a black market medicines that not quality controlled, has no consistency of supply, and could eventuate in people paying massive prices.
    People should be able to get this medicine like every other medicine. Somebody with a sick child should not have to go out but cannabis and make themselves at home in the slow cooker.
    They should not have to have that risk. If everyone focused on the medicine and stop pushing for recreational use at the same time it would happen a lot quicker it's when the lines are blurred because of it.. I’ve spoken to Greg personally regarding this many times he’s a very decent man.

  5. Linda Howard says

    Greg Hunt has publicly supported Katrina Spraggon and her fight to get her daughter Kaitlyn cannabis medicine in qld for two years. He is a good man.

  6. DJShotty says

    Greg cHunt. The name says it all. The cHunt has absolutely NO medical knowledge what so fucken ever. The cHunt is NOT a doctor of ANYTHING; in fact, he's a lawyer and economist. Along with his responsibilities to the nation's health system, he's also the Federal Minister for Sport, so how the cHunt can claim to be 'in the know' about medicinal cannabis has got me fucked.

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