These Awesome Weed Recipes Are a High Priority


Can’t believe it’s not weed butter! Did you give these a try? Don’t forget to comment! Cannabis Cookie Dough Cups: Disclaimer: For …


  1. noor alz says


  2. Anupama Sharma says

    Now i might start cooking

  3. Betelgeuse says

    That's that boy Frankie!!

  4. GemCat says

    Why would u encourage people to do drugs that's not cool

  5. Pseudo Nym says

    This channel is trash the only thing worth watching is Frankie.

  6. Nataline Gloriana says

    Ok, I better watch this and note all the ingredients before the video is banned πŸ˜‚

  7. mwrkhan says

    I suppose it is "trendy" but stop promoting marijuana use.

  8. draginator6 says

    This isn't instagram, my computer is not a square.

  9. Poonam smart kitchen says


  10. Roxanne Ruiz says

    I can't have none of this because of my heart issues. In fact i can't even smoke a cigarette.

  11. Jaycie23 says

    Well, that explains why the cooking videos are becoming more strange and outlandish.

  12. Francisco Torres says

    Grupo internacional de wsp de Maria, mota, pito, porro ajjaa jalen ya somos varios!

  13. the diamond horse says


  14. Farrakhan Wolcott says

    Man I thought those were hash brown in the thumbnail

  15. Matcha Matcha says

    Tasty : OH YES

  16. Sole Productions says

    Could you post mg per dose? or be slightly responsible about this?

  17. leen life says

    Finally something differentβš βš πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  18. Dominique Tran says

    okay wtf

  19. SweetPotatoee says

    That room must of smelled dank after baking all that πŸ˜‚

  20. EnDeRGaMerZ says

    Way too much steps to get high

  21. S Sondie says

    So most of this food is strained..are u gonna get high off eating them or not!?

  22. Random Wacko says

    You don't do drugs, you make them

  23. JBizz says

    Was that Frankie? He's my kinda cook. Lol

  24. Hunter Rose says

    Little late for 4/20

  25. enellv says

    I thought I clicked on seaweed recipes.

  26. Adam Bennett says

    How are you supposed to know the dosage? I doubt that there's a good way to find out how much THC and CBD are actually in these without testing. Why not just buy the oils and add them to whatever you are baking instead of making your own sketchy oils. That's just my two cents though.

  27. ilovesparky13 says

    I thought those were hash browns in the thumbnail πŸ˜ͺ

  28. Ingrid Matthews says

    Annnd a kid sneaks some of those chocolate peanut butter things and hello ER. Meh. Just smoke it. It looks like its being wasted here.

  29. Yanji Yang says

    Want some but sadly not available here in my state yet which sux .

  30. Specter Knight says

    This is just wrong!

  31. Specter Knight says


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