#1075 – BBL Questions & ANSWERS/Amber 8 Days Post OP/Things Needed


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  1. Eliza Gail says

    She is a Beautiful young lady Too

  2. Tyree Courtney says

    what did Amber look like before?

  3. Soul Queen says

    This was a really good video

  4. petalisbless says

    Very interesting info my dear πŸ’•πŸ’•

  5. BlackWomanUSA _22 says

    Im just like Amber ill be going through this by myself im in my early 20s also. My parents are totally against it. Thanks for sharing this with us. I havent scheduled yet but itll be in the spring hopefully with Dr, Dowbak or Dr. Guadalajara in Tijuana, Mexico

  6. nard'e Well'r says

    Where did Amber get her second faja

  7. nard'e Well'r says

    Great video

  8. norma creation says

    I dont know if this video was so 1st grade level because your mom was the one hosting it, but this is like way beginner stuff. And by the time most of us BBL ladies are watching videos are already know all of this beginner stuff.

  9. Jan Phillipps says

    25!!! Amber you look like you are around 18. You look fabulous. Mz B Your hair looks very nice.

  10. Tammy Baldasaro says

    She has such a sweet spirit, and wow to save all the money herself. Wishing her continued health as she heals. β™₯

  11. Rita says

    Great videoΒ  you look Great and thanks for sharing..

  12. P Allison says

    So sweet of you to share this. You all are such good & sweet parents and Amber is very, very brave. TFS!

  13. Delicate Dell says

    Tfs Amber. You look great πŸ‘πŸ½

  14. DAZHA MANNANI says

    Thank you for the more full detailed update. You look really great Amber! I have surgery with Dr. Dowbak on May 30, 2019 I’m very excited but extremely nervous because of the horror stories… I’m more afraid of having internal and external scar tissue do to the fact that I can possibly keloid. Can you show your Incisions and how are you treating them.

  15. Send2ginger says

    πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ŠWay to go Amber! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know anything about a BBL. This video was very informative. God bless!

  16. pat boatman says

    God bless Amber, you look good girl. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Bernees Way says

    Good morning ladies! Thank you ladies for sharing some valuable information. Great job Amber! tfsβ™₯

  18. Arnesia Ragin says

    Family is everything I bet that even though they didn’t support your choices that if they were anywhere close to you when you had your surgery when you opened your eyes they were there that’s love ❀️ all day

  19. Missy Retzlaff says

    You are a wonderful person for sharing with all of us your surgery and recovery! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Critter T says


  21. Mark Guy says

    Well she's a nice looking young lady to know what you look like before hand but if she's happy and it improved her happiness that's all that counts thanks for sharing be happy Amber cuz nobody can make you happy but yourself

  22. hunchovb says

    Hey Sis, that was very informative. Tell Amber thank you for sharingπŸ‘

  23. Bev Erly says

    She is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. And now she has a coke bottle to go along with it. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing Amber. I enjoyed watching

  24. PAM'S WORLD says

    She look great. She’s very educated on the procedure and gave good advice and information. Good for Amber πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  25. Gicanda Thomas says

    She's very informative. Will be praying for her complete, safe recovery.

  26. Marilyn Koenig says

    ThankΒ you Amber you look really great, but I bet you looked really great before.Β  I understand why your parents where concerned I wouldn't want my daughter to do that either because with any surgery there is always risk, and us parents are selfish like that we don't want to loose you.Β  Good luck Amber you are a very beautiful young lady.

  27. Takayla Shyann says

    Look at mth auntie and my grandma lookin cute

  28. Anita Whittico says

    Thank you!! Amber! and MzB!! Amber you're Beautiful!! I Love it!! I need this!! Lol! Have a good amount of fat to put in bum and hips!! Lol! I Love Y'all πŸ’•God Bless!πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  29. Marilyn Clark says


  30. Lisa Govan says

    Thank you amber….Can we see a b4 and after pic?

  31. antoinette brown says

    She looks really young and she looks absolutlt gorgeous! I'm glad she is with you after the surgery! That was very informative. I wish I could transfer the fat from my stomach to my breast! I have always had a big butt but small breast!

  32. Pamela Ann says

    Thanks Amber, you look great !!!!!!!

  33. Deb M says

    Amber is very beautiful! Thank her for sharing.

  34. Bonnie Flournoy says

    Amber has a future as pre/post op poster child. Her knowledge of the process was phenomenal and her high spirit and hopes — I'm sure — made it a success. I didn't see you before your operation, but I'm sure the beauty on the inside projected well on the outside. As a mom, cut the parent unit some slack. We worry — many times unnecessarily, however, it's because we love our children and want to protect you all from any and everything. Sometimes, it's our own insecurities no matter how well we think we've raised you. Best of luck to you and I hope you share your thoughts on the procedure in six months or a year or so from now.

  35. Penny Crudup says


  36. jjac'Keee KooKz says

    Hi MzBrazell
    Amber is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Nice Video!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  37. Penny Crudup says

    Hi MZbrazell And Amber, That was a really nice Q&A. Thanks for sharing. Hi Mr.Walter
    time for another storytime. You guys have a wonderful night.

  38. Mandy Yount says

    How much fat did she get injected in each hip and cheek

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