Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 6-9-19


Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 6-9-19 Octane Grow Tent Official Website & Store: Whats up GROWERS! So this week …


  1. Steve Blanchet says

    good job on the how to man, its great for beginners like myself

  2. Jr_ Da_Great says

    Nice set my friend subbed 🤓👍🏽

  3. Rs2007GOD says

    Ok so i google wet tap root and i found somthing i really didnt want to see haha bless up!

  4. Envy MYclosetGROW says

    Grower's Love Fam.

  5. Rober tron says

    Don't know why but the first month of veg is my favorite



  7. Cameron S says

    Can't wait for more detailed updates! Great vidz!

  8. carliousgrow time says

    girl's are looking great bro love tha videos

  9. Nathan Pullen says

    Wooooooot…..its fixed

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