How to Make POTENT Cannabutter – The Easy Way!


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  1. Cadaverdog says

    Dude I was gonna use an oz of og Lemon kush, Is that overkill? Seriously, is it a waste or will I die? Never made it before!! I'm making it tomorrow I need cheese cloth. I'm thinking about biting the bullet and using a hole bag. Yes or no??

  2. Tristan Waller says

    Dose this guy realize putting his pot in the oven just burns off all the crystals, and what a waist of good head, that butter won't do shit,

  3. Kirann says

    wonder what happened to the 0.27 before the vid hahahaha

  4. minifridge says


  5. Leilani Neal says

    What did you do with the water?

  6. LoLBannanaHammer says

    I skipped back to check the tempreture and was ready to read retard units then i remembered god bless Canada you use the metric system.

  7. Spitfire Last says

    Just roll the fucking thing and smoke it. Why gotta do all that work?

  8. charles barkson says

    Vape your weed with a vaporize then save the stuff left over it's all decarbed and is a perfect way to get 2 uses out of ur weed

  9. Cortnie Ladd says

    Had a great time making it this way, super simple but worked so well! Thank you!

  10. Ano Nony says

    One thing that is supposed to help during the decarb stage is to cover it or let it cool completely before taking it out of the oven. I guess any vapors that might be coming off can settle back down on the bud and not be wasted to the atmosphere. You can also add some soy lecithin which is supposed to help with binding the thc to the fat

  11. Steve W says

    I didn't even notice he switched to the same size container until I read the comments

  12. KeepinYouUp07 says

    1.5 ounces of the finest bud trim to 4 sticks of butter. BUCKLE UP!

  13. Allan Pattison says

    Very cool!

  14. Akasha says

    6:01 ouch!!1

  15. Nah there’s a way better way of doing it then this nasty looking shit

  16. HamTheBacon says

    Also a few improvements i can throw your way for this recipe (iv been cooking professionally for 13 years now)

    To clarify butter quick and easy simply take a form fitting pan (aka dont use a huge pan if you are only clarifying 4 tablespoons of butter) and add the desired amount of butter to said pan, turn on to very light heat, if your burner is a simple 1 to 10 dial, set it to a 2 or 3. Watch the butter while it melts and you will notice that the solids sink to the bottom of the pan and the flavored oil sits on top, from there simply pour the oils out of the pan while leaving the milk solids at the bottom, set aside clarified butter and dispose of milk solids.

    Also a magical thing about water is it doesnt exactly matter if you are simmering a cup of water or 10 litres of water, once you have the water simmering the temperature will remain constant throughout the entire pan/pot. Rather than stir your butter every 10 to 15 minutes for 3 hours (lets be real here, aint nobody got time for that) adding water throughout the process simply start by simmering 3 cups of water, melt the butter in a microwave and pour on top. Let simmer for 3 hours with the bud in, stir every half hour. Saves a ton of time. Im going to start experimenting with this and see if i can get a video together with some tips.

  17. HamTheBacon says

    15 years ago i went by this name, i have since evolved into a HamTheBacon, one day you too shall evolve into a HamTheBacon. If you try real hard and smoke tons of weed.

  18. Matthew Torres says

    That's a lot of work for the "easy way"

  19. Patrick Pin says

    I tried making cannabutter couple of years back and I found that a lot of these videos don’t mention that a very strong smell of weed lingers around your apartment for like a if you have a sensitive land lord maybe rethink making this at home

  20. XoXoDEADPOOLoXoX says

    Did this say use high quality? What's with the seeds bro? That's dirt weed.

  21. Mic Powers says

    I just realized if you sing Rhianna "diamonds" to this beat it matches perfectly.

  22. Gerardo Beltrán says

    at 3:30 What is the temperature indicated for cooking cannabis with butter?

  23. TheDude Lebowski says

    Best method is double boil. Period. Who tf puts weed in the oven? You're burning off crystals. This is way more complicated than it needs to be. To a fault.

  24. incognito666z says

    Do you realy need to decarb it in oven? If you cook it in oil for an hour it should decarb in the pan

  25. Justin Harris says


  26. Tuco Pacifico says

    You aren't decarbing properly. Dr Paul Hornby has the data that shows 310F for 25 minutes
    produces maximum potency. And the buds need to be in a closed container like a pyrex dish with a lid, and it needs to be left on until the buds have cooled.

  27. precurious 1 says

    Seems like the water would extract some of the thc also.?

  28. Butthole service says

    Weird way to make cannabutter

  29. hayorge27 says

    Most successful attempt ever. Thank you

  30. ShoeProducer says

    Classico pasta sauce is number one!

  31. tall bike guy says

    do i use a half cup of water and 1 butter stick for 7 grams?

  32. Tammy Time says


  33. Fukkin Clown says

    Sorry bro but you have no idea what you’re doing …. you lost a lot of thc because of the useless steps you take lmfao ATTENTION IF YA WANT TO RUIN YOUR BUD THEN FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS LMFAO

  34. precurious 1 says

    Could one use this same method with coco oil (the firm kind) instead of butter?

  35. Hallie Verdier says

    I have to say i love this and used it this alot but one thing i am curious about, when cooking for the 3 hours how high of a temp should you keep the mixture at? Just curious.

  36. Jimaybob says

    Stoners are fucking disgusting

  37. LimitlesS2P Qc on Xbox says

    On peux-tu dabber ça?

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