Outdoor Cannabis Grow Vlog #9 Incredible Bulk Grow


a couple weeks out you guys can’t wait to harvest! most important part is not chopping early and its tough waiting so we will see how far they get!


  1. ChampzillaGreenGrow says

    Yo neighbors dont trip?

  2. tomthebomb45 says

    You must have some good neighbors….

  3. David Sencion says

    How many grams a cola u think?

  4. Brizals garden says

    Those girls look nice

  5. 209 stkn says

    Damn bro what size pots you use?😮😮😮😮😮

  6. Tammy Hooper says

    Just b E a utiful

  7. James Johnson says

    I bet your neighborhood smells like diggity dank!

  8. freetickeys says

    How do you keep the young ones from pilfering. You look to be in a neighborhood where people can look into your yard. Did you confiscate that ladder when they were climbing over your wall?

    Nice grow!

  9. liberal cuck says

    How many times did you top them?

  10. Хороший огород,растения супер,хочу такой же вырастить и смеяться потом целый год 😂всем удачного грова🌱 и скорейшего легалайза в России ✌️

  11. thymen blansjaar says

    You need to use pk13/14, and miracle gro. Your buts will grow and get hard in about 2/3 weeks.

  12. Andres Garcia says

    They look like a fruity smelling strain


    How big are they when you first put them out?….keep it green

  14. Obadiah Kilgore says


  15. Hassan Hamka says

    I wish they grew like that in Australia

  16. katfish2k6 says

    Looks awesome! are those 30 gallon pots? interested in the total yield numbers! 🙂

  17. Adrian Garcia says

    How long from seed too harvest?

  18. Jane Seamore says

    you are my hero

  19. mitch a says

    How many days of veg ? They’re huge!!

  20. South African Cannabis says

    AWSOME stuff! Just legalized growing in South Africa and im busy with some seedlings for my outdoor grow now. Our season starts September and we harvest in March to April. Really hope i get some huge ass plants like yours! Well done!

  21. Syris Grism says

    Nice bro

  22. Jeff Vang says

    How do you make your plants so big in a small pot?

  23. Rob says

    What’s up yellow penguin.
    Is there a secret to have plants not get root bound. Cause your plants are so green and only in a small pot

  24. justin revet says

    unfucking believeable

  25. Cliff Burton says

    I would be taking those down and not taking any chances too much

  26. james park says

    You talk too much cous…

  27. Tony M says

    the date at left ,on the screen (Summer)makes me think you're in a high elevation . even in NE, I don't worry about cold until Oct. man, sometimes I have to count my blessings.I'm all worried about hurricane Florence ,or ANY rain (being in NE) as last yr, being in the sights of another hurricane, I lost a beautiful girl to rot. humidity w/ lots of rain. the other night I took them (they're potted) inside.. . but it's only late Sept. so I don't need to be concerned w/ cold.I wish you the best, as I know what worrying about cold is all about. I actually harvested a plant on 9/2 ,if you can believe that (March start in the window sills). . so, as a result I'm spoiled, waiting for the others to reach fruition. small garden, tho.if I had as much amber, and color in general on my measly few plants, I'd avoid the risk, and take 'em down. but your video is instructional, thanx.being a year later, I think it probably went OK for you. beautiful garden !! you're a monster. 9/16/18

  28. 313 Grower says

    Dude, you ROCK !!!

  29. Ashley Patterson says

    Use a something to cover them at night

  30. Growroom420 Growers Forum says

    those are some sexy plants grown the bulk a few times myslef

  31. Shane Sherman says

    We get some nice weather out this way

  32. TilDeath1776 US says

    Can survive several frosts. Don't call it weed for nothing

  33. Rogerio Rodriguez says

    Text me when you're ready to harvest 626-726-5727 I can help you out if you need me

  34. Outlier Genetix says

    where the hell do you live that they allow this not secured and so close to other houses in a neighborhood. i thought all legal outdoor grows required you ability to secure the perimeter, i dont see how that is possible here

  35. Scott Mendez says

    What I can not stand are impatient growers with premature buds… Good luck to you all and your growing skills.

  36. Mišo Cvetičanin says

    How u get so big plants? What strain is that?

  37. manmademonsterbjj says

    did you have any bug probs, or rot?

  38. Coulter Young says

    They're looking amazing man! Cant your neighbors see them or smell them and get nosey?

  39. jock reid says

    Hey mate, do you top (if so how many times?), pinch or LST or anything else?? I'm a novice but I wanna grow like this and I got the space. Peace

  40. Снова Упал says

    holy shit, give me heads bro xD

  41. john brown says

    I'm 58 and my wife is 10 years older we would love to move to California hope our ministry get some donations so we can

  42. john brown says

    Hello Pastor in Texas I was a botanist before I became a pastor and I love the way you guys are growing

  43. BMISS genetics says


  44. rateman09 says

    thats a lot of trimming bro

  45. javier torres says

    I have the space….I just don't trust me neighbors. And therefore myself. Don't wanna loose my freedom. (such as it is)

  46. Mac Devin says

    Inspiration thanks just got yourself a new sub

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