YOU Are NOT a YouTuber (With Fathering Autism)


You are not a youtuber? Hanging out with Fathering Autism. FATHERING AUTISM VLOG: THE WEE FAMILY: …


  1. The Aspie World says

    This was an awesome time!!

  2. K Farm says

    Your hair 😍😍😍

  3. lauren gates says

    im jut curious i was watching your 3 symptoms video. Do you start making mean jokes to people when you are stressed

  4. Andrea Greiner says

    Hey now PC has many great qualities! Just like Android phones!
    I'm a mom of 5 and 4 are special needs I plan on starting a blah by the end of the year about raising kids with special needs and also I'm becoming a special needs/elementary school teacher and want to show awareness and share my journey. What editing program do you suggest and any tips are welcome!

  5. C. R. G says

    For the beyond meat stuff, Scishow did an episode talking about it and what's in it. It's really cool! I recommend checking it out 🙂

  6. evilal20 says

    He made a good point. You're not a YouTuber, you're a Dantuber. YouTube doesn't own your videos, you do!

  7. veganpoopxvx says

    Really disappointed to see you doing a collab with Fathering Autism. Definitely lost a subscriber.

  8. Sarah Harris says

    Nice hair Dan! On point as usual.

  9. Sid The science kid says

    What language do you think in the most when talking with people?

    ADHD or ASD?

  10. Myra Freeman says

    Discord app, glitchychip#9777. My daughter is having a birthday Sunday. She is on the spectrum. Please contact her.

  11. Christy Calderwood says

    Thank you Dan for sharing your time with Farthing Austim

  12. Luke Triton says

    you can be a youtube if you make a profile and or at least upload

  13. So I’ve watched the Wee Fam, Fathering Autism and now you 💕

  14. Leah Wilson says

    Love this vid, all my favorites Mass Squad and you Dan all together 💜😊

  15. melissa thompson says


  16. Amanda B says

    Fathering autism is great! I 💘 the family but they bring alot of the issues they have on themselves.The only sad part is they have sooo many issue with Abbie with throwing toddler tamtums because they dont discipline her. They have commented before that she "doesnt understand discipline" which is a cope out. Abbie would understand if they taught her because she is capable of learning the task she has like cleaning ,using the ipads etc. They normally laugh at or ignore her behaviors. I agree all teens have attitudes but alot of her toddler tantrums wouldnt be an issue if they would of started disciplining her years ago. They recently started making her pick up messes she makes sometimes & do some things but laughing/ ignoring the issue isnt the way to go. They say they want to perpare her for adulthood but she cant act the way she does alot of the time at a job, out in public, etc. Abbie is very muniplative they have admitted it but dont do anything about it. Its sad because thats why they went against the school systems because they said she wasnt capable of learning & the parents are hindering her the same. Abbie intentionally looks at them & does stuff or waits dor them to talk to yell then laughs about it. Poor Isaish has missed out on alot because of Abbie & the lack of displine the parents do. Which if Isaish did stuff he would be in trouble but Abbie gets away with stuff. You cant treat a disabled person like they are fragile. She isnt she is smart & of course if not taught & you know you can get away with doing or lack of doing then of course anyone will or will not do it.

  17. melissa thompson says

    I love collabs where everybody's got a camera and they're all walking around getting vlog footage while hanging out…. It becomes a kind of appendage, doesn't it?

  18. Savanna Earnhardt says

    Great video. Love every single one. My favorite thing to do is watch these videos. I really appreciate how you teach people about autism. I enjoy learning more for myself and others. Hopefully you are having a wonderful Thursday

  19. Lahav P says

    Clickbait af

  20. AlexWattsBlog says

    Needed more Alex.

  21. Cole’s Craziness says


  22. PotatoQueen1989 says

    i absolutely loved this, it looked such an awesome time ♥

  23. Ann-Marie Löfberg says

    So the wee family too

  24. Ann-Marie Löfberg says

    Two of my biggest fan together

  25. Erika E says

    Im so familiar with you wearing the cap i had no idea how your hair was long!!!

  26. Steg Fam says

    A group of some of my favorite CREATORS!!! Loving the vids!

  27. Mista Keez says

    Beyond beef <3

  28. Susan Harris says

    I really missed seeing more of Abbie but you all do make me happy

  29. Malin says


  30. The Wee Family says

    It was great meeting you! Fun day for sure.

  31. Gina Marie says

    I could almost cry watching this video! Two of my favorite YouTubers together! Sending so much love from the opposite side of the US!

  32. escvddonk says

    Brilliant video again really like your vlogs

  33. FatheringAutism says

    Hmm, how many times did you have to export in FCP to get audio? I’ll stick with my PC.
    Edit: Super fun vlog. We had a great time.

  34. Ang Dan says

    Really love these collaborations…. two of my favourite channels together! Xxx

  35. Carleen Long says

    Was that "in this together" jingle a reference to Sam and Nia? LOL (8:20) that's definitely their intro song

  36. Janelle Rubi says

    love you bunches dan

  37. Autisten Partei says

    I´m autist and I even have a (still fictional) political party primary for autistic people but nonautists are also welcome. 😉

  38. Dana DeMerchant says

    <3 Asa , Abbi , Pricilla and crew <3

  39. JMK says

    I've not tried the 'beyond meat's burger, but have tried the 'impossible burger' and it was delicious! ♡

  40. MelissaAutismMom says

    OMG I love it!! You are a Creator and everything that is good you're so inspiring

  41. AM 2cope says

    SpongeBob and I drink hot water because it helps my stomach with poop because it stop and I go weeks without pooping

  42. JT Smetana says

    Haha great video bro. Asa and the family are so much fun aren’t they dude. Glad you guys had a great time together! Epic vlog 😬👍🏻 those burgers are 🔥 next year I need to join you guys.

  43. Anna Moomin says

    Yassss promoting them badboi vegan burgs

  44. Jerry Chavez says

    Anyone can be a YouTuber even if they have Autism and you’re one of the important Youtuber’s I watch

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