Berners Cookies Connected Cannabis Co releases 2017 Harvest Video showing their outdoor operation


Connected Cannabis Company by Cookies releases 2017 Harvest Video documenting their outdoor growing operation. Impressive!


  1. SD People says

    Hey Mr.Berner Pls Can you Give me a Job

  2. oceanking18 says

    Do y’all sell the vape carts in a box instead of a tube?

  3. sam walton says

    Im smokin on this right now connected smarties 28% it is expensivr but well worth the quality

  4. Staying Lit 420 says

    These are stupud fire ^¬^

  5. NoLove 6Fitty says

    Why not some berner music?

  6. oceanking18 says

    The vape oil is pretty good better then a lot of brands 💨

  7. Cen Cal Organics says

    That's a farm boy

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