Cannabis Tea – Three Easy Ways!


Drinking tea is another great way to consume cannabis! Here are three super easy ways to add cannabis to your cup of tea at home. See the written recipe at …


  1. Kevin D'eca says
  2. Tom Sabor says

    How was weed first used? In tea. Check out my book entitled 'stoner etiquette' for more interesting history and facts.

  3. Daniel says

    but can it get me fucked up tho?

  4. Alma Olvera says

    I add canna butter to all my teas it’s best relaxation before bed 😊

  5. Roland Mitchell says

    can't one Just use Cannabis Leaves ?? I'm a stranger to any Form of Drug but am curious to Know why Cannabis Flowers; I didn't even Know that one Could buy such a Flower; If I Used Skunk weed or Cannabis it's Self and Make up a concoction of Tea Using Loose Tea and Honey as a Sweetner and use Either Skunk or the Weaker Cannabis {I'm Told Skunk is thee only Form of Cannabis one can Buy} Does this Have a Calming effect and can it Take away Pain; Can one Become aggressive by using Cannabis or Skunk. Why Coconut Oil ?? Please if and only if you Know all about Making{Cannabis Tea } I'm Your Student

  6. Psghetti Lasagna says

    Gaw! That was good.

  7. Aaron Maloney says

    Cool video , i will try right now πŸ™‚βœŒοΈ

  8. Aaron Maloney says

    using the right strain of cannabis(indica) will help anxiety, using the wrong strain won't help (sativa ) .. this is sooooo important

  9. Adrian Petrus says

    Have fun

  10. KT Seven says

    Marry me please

  11. Antonio Rhone says

    You put nugs in water imma slap u

  12. coolpickings says

    cannabis and tea a perfectly perfect combination πŸ™‚ would go down well in the uk

  13. Aidan says

    Do you have to use decarboxilated for the last recipe?

  14. 23joker says

    I’m in LA I would love to take you on a date 😊❀️

  15. Dutchdude Grow says

    Why only 5,4k your deserve much more , i love it

  16. Popa Chop HeavyGang Ent. says

    You are so beautiful like wow

  17. moneylu2 says

    She is beautiful!

  18. Gruagach. Iron Shoes says

    Thanks a million, will use for my Ma for arthritis, liked and subbed.

  19. When The Sound Resonates says

    when you say cannabis flower is that the same as a bud of weed? (not joking)

  20. Konceited Kai says

    …So if "No psychoactive effect" will it still give pain relief and cure headaches?

  21. Stoptheabuse now says

    I'm not so sure about adding your favorite tea to the mixture. You can't mix certain herbs with other herbs. Ijs

  22. Ricky Hand says


  23. keanro999 will power says

    What a beautiful lady i need to find a lady that uses marijuana.

  24. AI Ishmael says


  25. Nkosinathi Nkosi says

    you are a dream girl, I could eat your bougers

  26. janisBFF says

    Bitch bye! I’m tryna get high!

  27. Uptown Jay says

    I did the 2nd version. Only thing I did different, was blend the oil and tea in the blender for 4-5 seconds.
    It works!
    I like it a bit more stronger though, so I add more oil.

  28. cedric de landsheer says

    Your Channel is going to pay off in the long run. Keep going !! Great advice thank you

  29. pakhtoon baryali. says

    Some one explain in few sentence plz how i make

  30. Early Bird says

    Does it make the house smell like weed tho ?

  31. Dyllin Supelano says

    your production is way too good to only have 5k subs

  32. Jamenci Sartre says

    But do you get High πŸ˜‚ is all I wana know

  33. qwinton bezuidenhout says

    Im in love .

  34. Samir El-Chaer says

    Keep it up with the great videos!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜

  35. COOKIE FM says

    ..but do you get high??

  36. Joe Branston says


  37. salg says

    Do you still get a little bit high from the tea using methods 1 and 3, because that would be awesome?

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