Intermittent Fasting | What I Eat in a Day + CBD Oil & Bulletproof Coffee


Sharing my Intermittent Fasting food vlog with you all. What I eat in a day, Using CBD oil, talking about my vitamins and probiotics and sharing some recipes with …


  1. Janette Castillo says

    I take thyroid meds. Should I be taking them after the 12 hour fast?

  2. Sharday Cota says

    Cravings- hot tea. šŸ‘

  3. Sophie Jayne says

    love seeing all these intermittent fasting videos pop up! šŸ™ŒšŸ¼ I just did a 7 day intermittent fasting video experiment over on my channel and Iā€™m SO continuing it – the body results I saw were insane!

  4. Little Creators Homeschool says

    i have been doing 15 hours consistently for months now…if i go past 15 hours i guess all messed up in my mood…i have 3 little ones and we do homeschooling so at this point i will not be going past 15 although in the future i would love to go to 16 hour fast šŸ™‚

  5. MediocreHaddie says

    After starting doing intermittent fasting I realized I'm the type of person who needs to eat as soon as I wake up. Lol, I need food as motivation to get out of bed. So unless I sleep in, I've taken to stop eating earlier in the day, so I can eat as soon as I wake up.

  6. jewels says

    I find beta to stop eating in afternoon I stop at 3pm fast than I can wake have coffee getting kids ready for school ( need coffee ) I can't do black coffee…

  7. Carmen says

    Love these types of videos! Your body is perfect btw! I was just wondering why you wanted to up the hours on how long you fast? I know there are good benefits to it but I thought 16 hours was a long time! Lol. Also how did you become a personal trainer or wellness coach?!

  8. 20011Amanda says

    How would you suggest starting this fasting if you know nothing about it ?

  9. Kim Baker says

    How often do you work out?..I'm trying to loose 10 pounds in a short time it realistically possible with intermittent fasting?

  10. Ariel Haynie says

    I LOVED the blooper in the very beginning! & Bailey talking! šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„
    Thanks for another real video.
    PLUSS Your messy bun looks really good.

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