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  1. Dr. Leo Pardo M.D. says

    Is their zero percent thc product reliable for the absence of thc?

  2. BOSS says

    Cbd oil has only been effective for me by vaping it. I had the drops, tried in honey mixture and topically and gave up. Then over a year later recently tried it in vape cartridge and voila,,,I was up and off the couch and cleaning my kitchen an hour later. Brain fog cleared out. After a couple days joint pain is much improved. I’ve got all kinda of problems so we’ll see what else improves over time.

  3. Gerardo Ovalle says

    Everyone responds differently to different brands. If it's not working for you guys try a different brand. I would recommend or those are premium CBD Products.

  4. Wayman Ross Hurley says

    American Shaman just says it's hemp oil on bottle, no CBD in it per lable on bottle. So it's a rip off. Its just over priced hemp oil.

  5. Real Gagne says

    What would you recommend for muscle pain? I have American Shaman water soluble 300 mg, but it doesn't seem to help with muscle pain. My back pain is better, but for muscle it's not working.

  6. CA_lexis233 C says

    So I've been taking this specific CBD for maybe a month now, and it's making me lethargic, exhausted, slow and extremely depressed and suicidal. I'm using it for anxiety but it's only making me feel worse. Don't know if I'm doing it wrong or if it's the product itself. It shouldn't be giving me such uneeded negative effects

  7. Fuzz Lord says

    Do you know where the hemp is sourced? US or overseas? Thanks

  8. JGBLADES says

    Tryin to make a buck fake science.

  9. KRUSTYskates says

    Their products that contain THC contain less than 0.3% otherwise, their products would be illegal. Although it may seem like a small amount, it may still come up on drug tests so be aware when shopping.

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