*NEW* Supreme G cart review


Supreme gs updated gram carts. Skittles flavor Legal state baby.


  1. Jacob Kittoe says

    They even a full gram? Center rod thick as hell compared to another ikrusher style cart

  2. Master Cheese says


  3. The- potato-warrior says

    I got one, it should say super g or supreme g inside the cart
    Don’t smoke that shit

  4. Boricua De verda says

    Your review sucks

  5. iWillBeatyouu says

    Did yo ass bogus 😭

  6. iWillBeatyouu says

    Fake ass cart my boy🤣

  7. Mr _MoneyMan says

    Thats a fake cart lol😂😂😂

  8. Marvin A. says

    What don’t y’all understand that all these carts are all black market lol. Dank Vapes, Exotic Carts, Mario Carts, Smart Carts, etc. you can buy the packaging online and put your own distillate oil in them.

  9. Max Faleyev says

    Thats a fake carty my man, they still got the supreme g on the inside

  10. Mus seck says

    You really think this is real ? Supreme ? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. DM’s Reef Tank says

    That’s is a fake one that’s y it taste bad

  12. Billy The kid says

    That’s not a supreme G cartridge

  13. Tfue Fanpage says

    If yall want sum fire ass carts hit up @shali58 on snapchat

  14. Matt the gamer 88 says

    Hot dog water

  15. Ryan says

    How do I get the extra out and put it in a new one or fix it somehow?? I got a really bad burnt taste right after I tried to use it on a box mod on low settings. Mine does look like that but have gggggggg. Can’t believe I fd it up

  16. Frank Delacruz says

    Thats definitely swapped dude.. the real ones got the ggggggggggs goin down the center with the supreme g as well. Also the diamond g on the mouth piece is still there.. haha talk to your boy he rippin you off

  17. Victor j says

    How much did u pay for it?

  18. Bryan L. says

    Ya bugging my dude. Supreme g is best black market cart

  19. PHANT0M45 says

    Are these free of pesticides?

  20. Jon Finn says

    Yea this nigga got finessed hard😂😂 Dumbass mfer.

  21. Bart _ says

    Your cart was swapped homie. You're getting bait and switched homie

  22. Reflections Of The Sun says

    Looks like someone switched your G out with another type

  23. Angel 2 Mccondichie says

    That one you showing fake the box real ,but your cartridge is fake I just got some with the sandbox but my cartridges had gs with the supreme gs logo on their

  24. Jackson Saltzman says

    That shit kinda fake af dude

  25. Gerardo Mora says

    It should say it inside as well but these carts kinda suck

  26. Dwiipy says

    For sell?

  27. james west says


  28. Terry Whitlock says

    These are 100% real packaging wise. Should have Superman logo with a g on the mouth piece and little gs on the atomizer or supreme g engraved. Been getting them for months now. All 14 flavors. The skittles aren’t the best by no means. White fire og, strawberry cough, marshmallow and grape lemon aid are the best.

  29. kashex says

    my guy started selling these recently. picked one up today, the box looks the same as what you've got but has the superman logo with the g on the top. anyway to tell if i got a fake with pesticides? i've heard bad things about supreme but have also heard that supreme g is different. my guy's pretty reliable so i think i'm ok but i still dont wanna inhale pesticides hahaha

  30. Ownstradamus says

    Yea i just bought a gelato off my connect he supplies a few dispensaries and mine has gs inside and is dank af lol

  31. Jesse Cantu says

    I don't know about these fam no disrespect at all but it's 420 and man them thing's are suppose to have gs all the way down and around

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